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Catch report week 29

This week the good fishing in the fjord have continued. Mackerel and sandells is everywhere! Even the herring have entered the fjord! But it have been quite a lot of drift , and some not so good weather from time to time. So it has not always been easy to catch the bigger predators underneath the big shoals of baitfish.

But when the guest have managed to reach them , they have had good catches with cod and coalfish over 10 kg. Outside the fjord the fishing have been a bit more slow. Many guests have been struggeling out there in their hunt for their dreamfish. But there is lots of baitfish out there too, so when you hit that window when the cod and halibut and other large spieces are feeding everything has been possible. Theres still a lot of nice sized Haddock to be found. Actually this season theres more Haddocks here than it have been for a long time. Target fishing for big Ling in deep areas have been working good. Fish up to 13 kg have been caught. The Halibut fishing is still good. Its just a question of patience and finding the right spot. Halibuts over 20 kgs have been caught, and much bigger have been lost during fights.

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