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Catch report week 30

It has been a week with enormous amounts of big Mackerel in the fjord, hunting for small herring. 2-3 hours with non stop feeding bonanza just outside the cabins happend several times this week. Perfect for lightgear fishing from the jetty.

This huge amount of baitfish made big shoals of both big Cods and Coalfish up to 10 kg come in to the fjord to hunt. The best spots has actually been just on the other side of Lauklines island. The halibut fishing has for the first week this season been slow. Only one over 20 kg have been caught. But that can perhaps be some related to really bad weather for a few days that made it impossible to go out fishing on the sweetspots for halibut.

But the in the end of the week the good weather returned. It didnt wake up the halibuts though,but on spots outside Håja there has been caught several coalfish over 14 kg and cod over 15 kg. It has also been caught a rare species in the end of the week. Pollock! The first one in 2-3 years up here, weighted in at 4 kg.


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