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Catch report week 28

The first days of the week the good fishing mostly was to be found outside the fjord. The good fishing for halibut continues . One British team even managed to catch one during sightfishing with lightgear.

Enormous shoals of Mackerel and Sandeels covered huge areas. The shoals were so big and compact that the echosounders on our boats sometimes mistaken them and the bottom. And under them there predators had a feedingfrenzy! Gathering Puffinbirds and seagulls indicated clear signals to our guests were the fish were active, and made the fishing quite easy sometimes. . Good sized cods up to 25 kg was caught. Many big coalfish aswell. But suddenly it all changed. The baitfish came in to fjord and the fishing outside the fjord slowed down a bit. But inside the fjord it sometimes became magic. Cods from 4 to 10 kg was everywhere. Big coalfish up to 12 kg aswell. They where mainly located in midwater over deep areas. The best technique to catch them seems to have been using Sandeels like rubberbaits and small lures, retrived in with high speed. In the end of the week this season first Mackerels was caught from our jetty. It looks very promising for the next week to come!


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