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Catch report week 27

This week it has been both good weather and days with not so good weather. The fishing in the beginning of the week was really interesting. Our guests was able to go outside to the open sea, and the reward was both nice halibuts up to 145 cm and some good sized cod.

One team managed two days in a row catch the rare Monkfish. It is not so common to get in contact with them here in this area. But maby the way the lucky team catched them on is the most spectacular thing. The first one was catched while using a big float as a indicator with a baitfish in end of the line. The other one they catched was catched with a dogtoy. A bit modified though. A chicken made for dogs to chew on. It even made a beeping sound when it was squesed. That for sure made our day up here!

The part of the week was more up and down with the wheather. The fishing was more tricky again. After that the weekend went to nice weather again with good conditions outside Håja again, and the fishing was better again. And the real good news is that big shoals of mackerel and coalfish finally has reached the fjord. And the cods and bigger coalfish seems to have followed them. Even the Puffinbirds has been sighted in the fjord now. Hopefully its just a question of days now until the mackerel and coalfish reach all the way into the camparea aswell.

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