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Catch report week 26

It has been mostly good weather and not much wind this week, so most of our guests have been fishing outside Håja in the search for big halibut, coalfish and cod. But as it sometimes are when the weather is too good the fishing is a bit tricky.

Anyway, it seems to be more small coalfish around now than last week, so it has been a bit more easier to find the predators that are hunting them. Also there have been teams that have had luck with fishing for redfish when the drift have been slow enough for that. Many smaller halibuts up to 20 kg have been caught, even in the fjord,  but maybe the biggest got away this time. Largest one this week was 172 cm. One team had a close encounter with a 200 cm+ fish that followed a small tusk that was hooked on one of the fisherman’s pirks all the way to the surface. This is the second monster halibut that have been haunting our guest this week. Another team had one on the hook around 10-15 minutes until it got off. That´s fishing! It has been caught nice sized cods and coalfish up to 16 kg, but then outside the fjord. The fishing for haddock is very good in certain areas. Now the weather is going to be a bit more unstable a few days forward. But lucky us we do have a few aces up our sleeves, with good spots close by in the fjord.

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