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Catch report week 25

This week has had both nice weather with calm sea outside Håja, and some days with strong wind and big waves that just have allowed our guest to be fishing inside the fjord.

Some groups though managed to find both nice sized wolffish and good sized cod in some spots, up to 12kg , very close to the camp. But when the wind has made it possible, there has been good fishing outside the fjord for both Cod up to 12-14 kg and halibut . One group managed to catch 22 halibuts in one week on light gear! But still there is not much smaller coalfish in the fjord to be found, and not so many big shoals of them out on the open sea either. But it´s getting there, more for every week that pass by. Hopefully this warm weather that now has arrived will make some difference and bring some more action to our fjord!

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