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Fangstrapport uke 37

The amount of anglers are slowly decreasing and we are really noticeing the change of colour in the trees. Autumn is here, with fresh snow on the peaks of the mountains. This also meen that the nights are getting longer and that we soon have winter up here. On the other hand this also is a really good time to go halibut fishing. Imagine beeing out fishing all day long ( and catching fish), and when you are of to bed the Northern lights starts to play and dance i the sky. The fishing has been good to the last couple of groups, and some of them had really succesfull trips with several halibuts and big cod. This time of the year often gives you the best oppourtunity and chance to come in contact with both halibut and really big plaice. It can just as well prove to be a challenge when it comes to finding fish, but once you do… you are in for a real treat!
The size of the fish that have been landed during the past weeks have had a nice avarege size. The biggest halibut and cod was 40 kg and 19 kg.

Tight lines!

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