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Fangstrapport uke 33

Every now and then i get the opportunity to go out with one of the boats and try my luck. I did have a go at it last week, and i also brought Marcus along for the trip. The plan was to try a few areas that we haven´t fished in a long time. The target fish was halibut.

We had  (as always)  high hopes for the day, since really big fish have been caught there in the past. The approach was quite simple, drift with big shads and baitfish when the tide is pushing the boat with a speed over 1 knot. When the tide became less than that, we started to troll. The rods we used where in the 20- 30 and 30 – 50 lbs range. By putting the engine in gear for about 5 -10 sec and then out of gear for 5 -10 sec, you make your own drift. Sometimes we had the engine in gear a bit longer. This was just to cover more ground, since we aren´t moving over huge areas when we go in and out of gear for more than a few seconds at a time. Just pick a heavier shad so that you are able to stay in contact with the bottom when you decide to try this. The best baits for the day was shads around 25 – 35 cm and weights around 300 – 450 g. We had 8 halibuts in th boat, lost 2, 2 followers and a couple of contacts. The depths we had the most «succsess» in was 15 – 40 m. Biggest fish that day was 116 cm, so not any monsters landed that day, but they are around, for sure…

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