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Fangstrapport uke 34

The season is on the final stage before autumn arrives. In recent weeks we have seen all kinds of weather, with everything except snow.

There has been a lot of rain lately and it’s actually pretty good. Because we haven’t seen more than a few drops in June and July. Although the wind has been tough for the guests who want to fish and made the choice of location quite easy (nearby). There are some nice fish out there , and when the weather has been good, even bigger fish has been landed. It looks like there is a lot of cod and coal fish in the open water near the drop of. Recently a group of anglers managed to hook and secure a halibut of 175 cm along the boat side, Well done! Our hope is that the last couple groups that come here this «summer» have some nice days out at sea, and that they also catch big fish. I think it would be great to end the season with a 2 meter + hailbut. They are out somewhere …

All the best and tight lines!

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