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Fangstrapport uke 31

We have seen a lot of northeast this summer. And the fishing has mainly been an activtiy done at night, when the wind calms down. Some have done it really well lately, and a couple of fish have been of nice size. Perhaps the most impressing thing is the amount of species that some of the groups / teams has managed to catch. How about cod, coalfish, halibut, haddock, wolffish, plaice, dab, whiting, ling and tusk just to mention a few. The largest cod last week was 20,8 kg/46 lb, and the biggest coalfish was 11,1 kg/24,6 lb. Surprisingly the halibut seen to have gone in to hideing since the catches have been quite small. I think we’ll see a change rather soon…At the moment it looks like the larger fish are crusing in the deep, whilst the smaller fish is in the shallows. Offcourse the possibility to catch big and small fish in the same area comes down to choise of location. The best way to get in contact with the bigger fish is to use baitfish, hands down the easiest method. When it comes to artificial lures, less is more because the fish is still feeding on small sandeels and herring.

Photo: Øivind Høier

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