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The fishingseason of 2019 has come to an end, and the preparations for the coming winter have allready started. We here at Lauklines would first of all like to say thank you for this season.  We would also like to wish you welcome back in 2020. 

For some reason it seems like this summer past very quickly especially since the weather has been…well not quite like summer should be, but we are happy anyway. The fishing has proven to be difficult at times and most of those times it has been the weather that caused the lack of fish willing to bite. There has also been some wonderful days with everything you can ask for with sunshine, calm seas and loads of big fish that attack almost anything that you offer them.

We have noticed an increase in both halibut and anglerfish/monkfish just like last year. This is of course something that we find to be very good  or «kjempebra» as we say in Norway. The number of halibuts landed this season are a little bit higher than last year, so if this positive trend continues we are in for a real treat during the years to come. It is often sensational when somebody catches a monkfish, but now it has happend so regularly that we almost expect to see one once a week. Jokes aside, it has been several of these funny looking fish caught during the season and perhaps the next years fishing will offer some more surprises in the shape of this tasteful fish.

On the other hand the coalfish have not been at the «usual» spots. At least not as much as last season, but the anglers this year have been successful when it comes to catching these strong and hard fighting fish. During the season, June and July where the best months for coalfish.
We have not seen or heard about any 2 meter halibuts this summer, but we can asure you with the fact there has been a lot of quality size fish. Many of the fish this season have measured over 140 and 150 cm which will make anybody happy.

The biggest cod 2019 season: 24 kg
The biggest halibut 2019 season: 180 cm ( 75-85 kg )
The biggest coalfish 2019 season: 16 kg
The biggest plaice 2019 season 3,3 kg
And of course biggest anglerfish / monkfish 2019 season 16 kg

We here at Lauklines would once again like to thank everybody that came to visit during the 2019 fishing season, and we wish you all a heartly welcome back!
Until next time:

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