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Fangstrapport uke 24

Like we mentionen last week, the wind has been blowing quite strong from northeast. Thus making it harder to reach the locations further away from the camp. Though the wind is blowing during the day, it allways seem to calm down during the evenings and nights. ( keep this in mind ) Night time fishing can be fantastic, mainly since the wind often becomes less of a problem and the midnight sun just makes it  dreamlike. Furthermore, the coalfish has arrived just outside the fjord. I must say that this is a really fun way of fishing since you often see the fish, and catch them! The cod and halibut have been more scattered the last week, and this is most likely because of the northerly wind, but it is not impossible. A couple of really nice fish was landed during the week. Just stay percistant and don`t be afraid to look for them.

Thight lines and may your rods buckle over like never before!

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