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Fangstrapport uke 35

Weather wise not much to mention... still very changing.  But the fish are still biting so we are all happy.

Still a lot of nice coalfish in the fjord. The size of these fish have been in the range 5-10 kg some even bigger. The fishing tecnique is very simple, just head to the deep part of the fjord behind the island. Then drop a 100-150 gram shad down, slim types that look like sandeels have been the best. Then you just retrive it with a medium to high speed. This is even more fun when you pick a light rod. On the outsid the cod fishing is still very good in shallow water. Same thing here, small shads does the job. The halibuts have not really been biting lately, but some have been caught. Biggest one this week was just over 20 kg. Then there has been a couple of fish around 85-90 cm. It might be due to the constant change i weather. We are still hopefully waiting and really wish to see one over 200 cm this season. In other words it´s still up for grabs. The coolest catch this week has to be a 1,5 kg plaice an a dab just under 1 kg that got caught on a perk ! We are also looking for that monster plaice that everyone dreams of. Keep your eyes open for a clip on how the guides go about making a rig for these big flatfish. And who knows, they might even catch one or two.    Tight lines and all the best.

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