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Fangstrapport uke 22

Yet again the wind has proven to be a force to be counted with, but it seems like it dosen´t stay for too long. Due to the fact that it almost is impossible to know if there will be any wind or how accurate the forcast really is, it becomes a bit of a gamble. We have also seen that there are days when the forcast is  showing a lot of wind and sometimes even rain, but instead we find ourselvs looking outside to see clear skies, sun and no wind at all. I might be good at fishing, but I will never understand the weather…
But enough about the forces of nature, and on to something I do know. The catches the last week have been fairly good ( taking the wind in to consideration) and it is mainly cod that are caught. On the days when you are fishing at the «really good spots» you can be sure to come in contact with the larger ones. Biggest cod from last week was 21 kg. It is not all cod, but also the coalfish have increased in numbers. These fish have been found in deepts of 150-15m, making it quite possible to catch them on lighter equipment. Biggest coalfish from last week was 12kg+, now I’m  waiting for reports of 15 kg fish/fishes.

Tight lines, and dont forget to bring some smaller shads or pirks!

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