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Week 17

The 2019 fishing season has started, well actually it started last week. We are really looking forward to this years summer, and it´s fishing. It might be worth to mention that this season will be the 20th!

About the fishing. Due to strong winds during the week, the first fishin-guests of 2019 had some problem to reach the marks outside the fjord, but they found good amounts of cod in the area around the camp in the sizes 2-8 kg. Hopefully the wind stays away so that one can reach the spots on the outside. There is a lot of capelin on their way in to spawn at the moment, and when they come in closer you can be sure to have a great time on the water. Since the cod, coalfish and even halibut feeds on them, this period tends to be productive. (Use pirks and shads 200-500g)

All the best and tight lines. Tim

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