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Week 36 and 37, 2018

And just like that, the fishing season of 2018 came to an end. It´s almost a bit strange not to meet people going down to the boats in the morning. But I still think that a small report from the past two week is in it´s place so here it goes:


For some reason the anglerfish or monkfish seem to have found it´s way to the «classic» fishing grounds, and during a short period of time we have seen 6 of them! Knowing how hard they are to chatch, I must say it is really cool to see a fish like that caught on conventional sportfishing gear. Biggest fish during this year 14,12 kgs. and was caught last week. The past weeks cod and coalfish fishing is nothing spectacular,  quite few fish and difficulties to find the bigger ones.
Halibut is probably the fish that everyone would like to catch. This season we have seen more halibut than last year and even bigger! A lot of fish around 20-30 kg and some over 40-60 kg. We even got a new camp record this season, ok it was not an accurate weight but a fish i that condition should be 160-170 kg. Overall a good year for halibut!
Cod and coalfish are the most common fish and after all the species that Norway is known for. They were tricky all year from start to finish, but with nice size during the entire season. And we had some days where a lot of good fish was caught. I think the biggest coalfish was 17 kg and the biggest cod was 24 kg.
With this last report of the season I would like to say thank you and wish you a warm welcome back another year. Hope to see you again!
All the best / Your fishing guide Tim

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