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Week 19 and 20, 2018

This report will be a summary of the fishing in recent weeks. With temperatures that vary as much as one could imagine. Everything from galeforce one day to flat sea the other.

Pretty good spring

So, let’s say that it’s a pretty good spring. And the feeling of summer has slowly but surely begun to come. It is still in deep water as most of the guests find Cod. (between 120-80 m) But it feels like it will soon be possible to find the bigger fish in some shallower water.


We have started to see nice catches of Coalfish, and it is a very welcome feature of the fishery. Especially when they can be captured on light equipment. It has also been a dream start for Halibut fishing, and this seems promising for the rest of the season. We can also add that there has already been caught a halibut of 2 m and many fish around 1 m +. And now that the midnight sun is up, most of the fishing days will be longer.