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Fishing adventure 2017

It is time for a summary of the fishing season 2017 and we can look back to many nice fishing adventures and catches.

For a full season summery you can check this link.


If we start with the weather, we have had all kind of weather, from light breeze to full storm. About average we have had more wind this season than last. 2017 was the first season we had our brand new Arronet 23 5SPT boats. The feed back from our sport fishing enthusiasts was overwhelming. «Stabil and fast«, «The boat was easy to maneuver«, «More space for each person and even possibility to filet the fish on board«.

The water temperature has been between 9 to 12 degrees Celsius much because of a really cold spring. The result of the low temperatures is that the fish has stayed on deeper water and has been more challenging to catch.

Anyhow, we have had some good weeks too with amazing fishing. Some really big halibuts between 60 to 100 kilos has been caught and also cod and coalfish up to 15 – 20 kilos. Some weeks has given us hard conditions with the weather, but the most important thing is never to give up. Because you never know – you can be just a few minutes away from your dream fish.

AprilMay: cod, ling,
June – July: cod, coal fish, dab, wolf fish, halibut, red fish
August – September: halibut, plaice, red fish, wolf fish

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