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Explore the Arctic sin oppsummering av årets fiskesesong

The fishing season has now come to an end.

This summer was characterized by low temperatures. This meant that the water temperature never reached normal levels. As a result of this most fishing took part on deeper water than normal.

The fishing for wolffish started in May and reached its peak in the start of June. The biggest one we caught this season was 10,5kg.

The big coalfish arrived early this year and during May, June and July huge amounts of nice coalfish between 5-12kg were caught. The most of the big ones were caught on softbait shads and makks, at deep pelagic water.

During a couple of weeks in July we had unusually good fishing for haddock and the biggest we caught was approx. 4kg.

The halibut fishing was a bit slower than normal and most of the halibuts we caught on deeper water than normal, probably due to the low water temperature. However the biggest one was caught on 30 m deep. It took a whole coalfish and the weight was 80kg.

The fishing for cod has been good the whole season and several cods around 20kg have been caught. Most of the big cods have been caught on whole coalfish on deep water, 80-120m.

This year the big shoals of mackerel arrived in the end of June and the biggest one we caught was 1,5kg.

This autumn we have experienced a fantastic fishing for big plaice and all trips have resulted in fish over 3kg. The biggest plaice this year was 4,7kg. The end of the season has also offered good fishing for whiting and redfish.

In the start of September we held Lauklines Multi-Species Tournament. The Competitors managed to catch cod, coalfish, ling, haddock, tusk, halibut, dab, plaice, redfish, norway redfish, whiting, mackerel and american plaice. The winning team consisted of Ingemar Rødin, Hans Marius Kaasa, Preben Lukaku Skaugen and Kim Erland Lie. Some of the most memorable fish of the competition were plaice to 2,75kg, American plaice to 900g and whiting to 1,42kg.

The booking for the next season has already begun and the first trips will take part in the start of May. Here are some pictures from the season.

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