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Catch report week 35

Cod fishing has been difficult lately. The groups that have had the best success with this fishing have fished on the edges of peaks, around shoals of small coalfish.

The biggest cods have been around 15kg and have been caught on coalfish. September is normally the best month for plaice fishing. A few groups have tried and caught some nice ones, but we still wait for the really big one. Some of the groups have been successful with halibut and coalfish have been the best bait. There are still quite a lot of big coalfish in the fjord and fish up to 10kg have been caught in recent days. Quick retrieved sandeel shads are what work best for this fishing. Just like recent years, some anglerfish show up now in the end of the season. The biggest one last week was over 20kg. It was caught on a pirk at a 40m peak