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20 km from Lauklines – Café Bryggejentene is a cozy café with wonderful views, good coffee and handcrafted souvenirs. They offer a variety of pastries and serve lunch.

21 km from Lauklines – The café at Eide Handel offers traditional Norwegian home-made food.

26 km from Lauklines – Thai restaurant Ban-Thai offers strong and exotic flavors.

26 km from Lauklines – Pizzahuset Kvaløya offers fast food such as pizza, burgers, kebab and salads.

27 km from Lauklines – Burgerman on Kvaløysletta offers good and juicy burgers.

3o km from Lauklines – Havfrua Kro at Sommarøy offers child friendly food alternatives, outdoor seating and take away.

30 km from Lauklines – Sommarøy Arctic Hotel offers high quality local food. Read more. 

45 km from Lauklines – Yggdrasiltunet Gårdshotell has a restaurant and café emphasizing the Northern Norwegian food tradition and its history. Read more. 

Tromsø center is 35 km away from Lauklines and offers many good food expereinces, here is a list of some restaurants in the city:



Emmas drømmekjøkken

Casa Inferno


Full steam

Tromsø tapas