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Catch report week 34

This week we have had some teams hwo have been targeting Plaice, and they have been quite sucessful. Not the biggest, but decent sizes.

Outside the fjord the fishing have been tricky for some teams, while others have been more lucky. Halibuts up to 60 kg have been caught with deadbait. This time of the year the Halibut starts to move up to more shallow waters. So never forget to try shallow areas with lots of sand on the bottom .

The cods are not particularly in feedingmode right now. But the teams hwo have been patient have been quite sucessful. It seems like they have short periods of activity. So it can be a good idea to just find the baitfish, and wait the cod out. The key to success have been finding the small coalfish close to the peaks and areas around them. The cod lurks beneath the shoal of baitfish, just waiting for the right moment to strike. Big coalfish up to 14 kg plus have also been caught. But they are very hard to find .

The fishing for Redfish is good , and those hwo have been targeting them have caught alot. Also some Interesting bonuscatches while fishing for the Redfish. One team caught some nice Velvet belly on very deep waters. The first one of this small shark for the season. A big congratulations from us!

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