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Fishing season report 2022

We have completed another fishing season! We were relieved to finally welcome many of our guests back again this summer. The start of the season offered tough conditions that made fishing difficult, in fact the winter lasted until the end of May. When the spring finally arrived, we rewarded with mainly good weather for the rest of the season.

As usually, the fishing for cod was best in the start of the season, even if cod up to 25 kg was caught also later in the summer. In the middle of the summer the fishing for cod was tricky at times, but in the end of the season it improved again. The big coalfish showed up early, already during the first trips of the season. During several trips the average size was close to 10kg and a lot of fish around 15kg were caught during the season.

Halibut fishing
Just like the last few years the halibut fishing was best in the start of the season with many fish, most of them between 10-20 kg. Earlier years the best time for halibut have been in the end of the season, but this year it was not the case. Most of the halibuts this season were caught with shads, while the biggest ones were caught with coalfish as bait. The biggest halibuts this season were approx. 80kg.

The fishing for wolffish was best in May and June. Big shoals of mackerel arrived in July and the biggest one we caught was 1,5kg. After a few poor haddock seasons we saw an increase this season, a lot of nice haddocks up to 5kg were caught. As usually, the best time for plaice and dab was in the end of the season. However, the biggest plaice this season was caught in July and was 2,8kg. Like during the previous years, some anglerfish were caught in the end of the season, the biggest one reaching almost 30kg.

We had many spectacular nature and wildlife experiences during the fishing trips too. Common sights during the trips were sea eagles, puffins, porpoises and minke whales.

A warm thanks to everyone who joined us this summer. Until next time, tight lines!

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