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1. Bookings, travel documents and payment:

Reservations or bookings must be in writing directly to our office. Our prices are in NOK and include taxes (VAT). We only accept reservations or bookings «on request». We do not offer allotment. Preliminary reservation possible for max 10 days depending on time before arrival.

Lauklines Kystferie As requires a deposit of 25% of the total cost within 10 days after booking, to confirm your order. Full payment is due to Lauklines Kystferie As 30 days prior to arrival or activities/stay will be cancelled. Bookings within 8 weeks before arrival require full payment immediately.

Payment should be done by bank transfer or by credit card. If payment is not at Lauklines Kystferie As account by due date, your order might be cancelled.

2. Seasonal regulations:

Mid- April – end September:

Only possible to book rental boat or cabin for 3 or more days/nights.

October – Mid April:

No rental boats available. Possible to book cabin for 2 or more nights.

3. Cost of rental for cabin and boats:

Our prices are stated in NOK (Norwegian Crowns) and covers the rent of the holiday house including bed linen, towels, end cleaning, freezer, electricity, heating, WIFI, warm and cold water. Cost of boat rental includes outboard-motor and life vest, but not petrol. Petrol has to be paid after consumption.

4. Arrival and departure for cabins/boats:

The period of tenancy starts on the day of arrival after 15.00 and ends on the day of departure at the latest 10.00. As long as nothing else is agreed upon, the arrival must be before 22.00 on the first day of the tenancy period. Boats: Pick-up after 09.00 a.m; delivery back latest at 08.00 a.m (or 21.00 in evening day before by early departure on departure day.) Refer  to opening times in reception! Contact reception by arrival for check-in!

5. Number of guests in cabin

The cabins are equipped and designed for max 6 persons.

6. Customers liabilities:

The customer is obligated to compensate for any possible damage to property, e.g. the rented premises with its furniture, boats, boat-engines, tools, equipment etc. and has an equal responsibility for any damage caused by other persons participating/contributing to the rent, or any other persons that the lodger allows access to the premises.

Lauklines Kystferie As makes a reservation on your creditcard by renting boat and/or house. Bring your Visa or Mastercard/Eurocard to check-in. If the customer returns the boat and house without any damages, we release the reservation made on the card.

7. Cancellations:

All cancellations must be in writing.

Cancellations will be charged as follows:

Until 60 days before arrival: 0,- NOK, only transaction fee.

59 – 31 days before arrival: 25% of the total amount.

30-15 days before arrival: 50% of the total amount

14 days and less: 100% of the total amount, no refund.

8. Price and itinerary changes:

We reserve the right to change prices due to conditions beyond our control. Prices may change with or without notice. Conditions for change could be alteration in prices from our suppliers, increase in taxes from government etc. Itineraries are subject to change or being cancelled if unforeseen matters occur.

9. Responsibility and liability:

Lauklines Kystferie As and its owner accept no responsibility or liability for matters that may occur during the stay, travelling or participating in activities delivered by us. We accept no responsibility for damages, injuries, accidents or delays beyond the control of Lauklines Kystferie As. It is necessary that guests release Lauklines Kystferie As from all claims for damage or loss of baggage, from death and injuries and from delays caused by suppliers of accommodation, transportation, food, beverages and activities.

10. Force Majeure:

Lauklines Kystferie As shall not be liable for delays or cancellations caused by Force Majeure such as; strike, lock out, collisions, fire and damage on  buses, trains, ferries or planes. We accept no responsibility or liability of war, terrorism, diseases or any conditions beyond our control.

11. Cancellation and delayed tours:

Lauklines Kystferie As reserves the right to cancel or postpone tours or activities due to matters out of our control. We will not be held responsible for any loss to guests in matter of such cancellations. If cancellations should occur, Lauklines Kystferie As will refund the total cost of the tour or activity, except if there are any fees or taxes which must be paid under any circumstances. Fishing activities may be cancelled due to high waves in the sea, such cancellations could happen the same day as the activity take part. Lauklines Kystferie As will offer another activity as a supplement, or the possibility to participate on a fishing trip the following day.

12. Activities:

Activities will be arranged as long as it is possible weather permitting. Lauklines Kystferie As will not accept cancellations of activities from participants simply because it is cloudy, raining, snowing or a little windy. Lauklines Kystferie As does not guarantee that participants in Northern Lights activities and Midnight Sun activities will actually see these phenomena. Winter activities can be cancelled by our suppliers if snow or ice conditions are not right/safe.

We require by boat rental:

– Responsible person/boat driver is communicative in English
– Boat skipper license for those born after 1980. For those born before 1980 and do not have a skipper license we require relevant experience/knowledge
– Insurance is not mandatory but you can buy  insurance which will limit the deductible
– Credit card (Visa/Mastercard). We will make a reservation on your credit card to cover eventual damages/losses that might occur. Please make sure that your credit card is valid in Norway before arrival.

13. The tour guarantee regulations:

Lauklines Kystferie As cover regulations relating to tour guarantee and the establishment of the Tour Guarantee Fund.