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Where is Lauklines?

Lauklines is located in Northern Norway at Kattfjord, southwest on Kvaløya, approximately 30 km from Tromsø Airport. GPS co-ordinates: 69.620755,18.28512 (WGS – 84N69°37’14”E018°17’09”) Use the map on the front page to zoom in and get a closer view.

By air to Tromsø airport Langnes

Tromsø has a main airport, Tromsø Lufthavn (TOS), which connects to most of Europe via Oslo. There are also many direct flights to Europe. The airport is approximately 30 km from Lauklines, a half hour car drive away.

More details about flights and the airport at the Avinor airport website.

Coach and bus

Every city and town in Norway has a local bus service and there is an extensive network of express coaches throughout the country.


There is no railway line to Tromsø. The nearest train station is Narvik via Sweden, or Bodø. These towns connect with buses or ferry to Tromsø


This is a daily passenger and freight shipping service along Norway’s coast. Sometimes referred to as Norwegian Coastal Express. Hurtigruten ships sail almost the entire length of the country stopping at all the ports along the way.

How do I get to Lauklines from Tromsø airport or city center?

Although Lauklines is only a 30 minute drive from the airport, we are in a remote spot, so there are no direct bus links to us. You can reach Lauklines by car, taxi , helicopter or eventually your own boat. We can organize the taxi or helicopter transfer for you.

Should I hire a car during my stay?

This depends on what you plan to be doing during your visit. During the summer you can fish, hike, cycle directly from Lauklines but if you wish to explore the area and book activities, it would be better value and flexibility to hire a car instead of using a taxi.

Car hire

There are a number of car hire companies with offices at Tromsø Airport or in the city centre.

Special offer Hertz  /  Europcar  /  Sixt  /  Avis

I would like to hire a car, but I am nervous about driving during winter

Driving in the winter can be challenging if you haven’t done it before. Then it is important to remember that all cars have specially adapted winter tires and the roads are kept clear by snow ploughs which work continually in bad weather. Driving here in Norway is less stressful than Europe, because there are far fewer cars and less roads so it is difficult to get lost!

What documents do I need for driving a car?

You need a full, valid driving licence issued in your country of residence. If your license is not issued by an EC/ECA country, an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) may be required.

If I order a taxi transfer from the Airport how will I meet the driver?

Tromso Airport is small. The driver will be waiting for you outside the main entrance at the taxi parking. He brings a sign with “Transfer Lauklines”. If you do not find him after you have picked up all luggage, just give us a call. Driver keeps himself updated on eventual delays on your flight to Tromsø, if you have informed us about your flight number in forehand.

I need a Visa, can you help?

We issue an invitation to use for apply for Visa! Just send us your full name, passport number and birth date and we’ll send you the invitation by e-mail!

Shopping and food

Where do we do the grocery shopping?

If you have booked our taxi transfer service with stop at the supermarket, our driver will take you to a supermarket and wait for 30 minutes whilst you do your shopping. If you want more time just agree with the driver.

If you have your own car, there are 4 supermarkets after crossing the bridge from the airport, towards Lauklines.

Are there any shops near by?

The nearest supermarket is Eidehandel, 20 minute drive away.

Do you provide breakfast/meals?

Our cabins are self-catering and there is no restaurant on site. Guests need to bring their own food for their stay. However there are different catering companies in the area, who provide ready made meals which includes breakfast. These can either be collected on route to us or they will deliver the food directly to the cabins for an additional delivery fee.

Is it possible to drink the tap water?

The tap water at Lauklines is very pure and clean, and is often better than bottled water. Very safe to drink, in other words. Fluoride is not added to Norwegian tap water and only very small amounts occur naturally. It is possible to buy fluoride tablets at most pharmacies.

Is it possible to order groceries to the cabins?

The nearest supermarket is Eidehandel a 20 minute drive away. Supermarkets do not deliver food but there are different catering companies in the area, who provide ready made meals which includes breakfast. These can either be collected on the route to us or they will deliver direct to the cabins for an additional delivery fee.

Do you have a shop at Lauklines?

We have a small rustic style gift shop in the reception area, which sells postcards, stamps, gifts and local artisan products, souvenirs, mineral water and different snacks.

Nearest shop for groceries are 20 min drive from Lauklines.

Weather and clothing

What type of climate should I expect?

The weather in Tromso is influenced by the Gulf stream creating mild, snowy winters along the coastline. January and February are the coldest months, with an average temperature of -1.9° Celsius, while in the inland it can be significantly colder, down to -20° to -30° Celsius. Summer temperatures vary from plus 10° to over 20° Celsius.

We offer warm clothing for rent.

What kind of clothes do I need?

Our climate here is much milder than inland due to the warming effects of the Gulf stream. This means that the clothes that you would wear for a cold winters day in the EU would be fine for here. Only for special activities is extra warm clothing recommended and is provided in most cases by the tour operator or can be rented from us. We recommend the following:

Winter clothing

Dress in layers. Thermal or woollen underwear, fleece or wool mid layer and a wind and water-proof outer layer. Protect your hands with gloves or mittens, (waterproof if you are going to make snowballs 😉 a hat which covers your ears, scarf for the neck and winter boots and woolen socks . It is recommended to buy extending ice grippers for your shoes, so you have more traction and grip when walking on the here often icy pavements.

Summer clothing

We suggest a mix of warm and light clothing with lightweight waterproof trousers and jacket. Good trainers/hiking boots.

I do not have the right clothes, what to do?

Depending on what type of activities you wish to do, this need not be a big problem. Extra clothes and boots can be hired in forehand at Tromsø Outdoor  and can be delivered for your stay here at Lauklines. Also many activity providers will have the appropriate clothing to loan you during the activity. If you need a standard clothing package you can rent it in the reception here at Lauklines.


How do we check in?

Check-in possible after 15.00 and on, when we are finished with cabin cleaning. Give us a call when you have arrived by the reception and we’ll come and meet you.

We might arrive later than 22.00

Please let us know in advance and we will organize regarding key for the cabin!

Do you have baby beds?

Yes, you can get a baby bed and a baby chair for free, please advise when booking.


What to do at Lauklines

See our activity pages for suggestions of different things to do →

The Northern lights

What is Northern Light?

The Northern Lights is also known as “Aurora Borealis” and is named after the Roman goddess of the dawn, Aurora, and Boreas, the Greek name for north wind.

Here you can see a film which describes it.

I want to see the Northern Lights. When is the best time to come?

Northern light is all year round but it is not visible during the daylight and during summer months here with midnight sun. The northern lights start appearing from September and can be seen through to early April. Recommend to choose period depending on other activities you are interested in.

Useful links:

How long should I stay to see the northern lights?

We recommend a minimum 3 to 4 nights stay.

When is it midnight sun and when is it polar night?

We have sun around the clock from about May 20th to July 20th and polar night from November 20th to January 20th.


Want to go fishing, what do you recommend?

Several possibilities for freshwater fishing, guided fishing or shore fishing in the area around Lauklines.

Freshwater fishing

For freshwater fishing in the lakes in the area, you need a fishing permit. You can buy the fishing permit online, either on day or week basis. Fishing rod and tackle needed is for rent/sale in the reception if you do not have your own.

Guided trips

Most of the groups coming here for fishing, want to go sea fishing and then we offer guided trips with charter boat (boat with captain). All equipment for the different fish species, rods, fishing suits and the guide/captain are included. Captain/guide has several years knowledge and experience with the area and will do all for giving you an unforgettable experience and nice days at sea.

Shore fishing

Shore fishing is possible both from the jetty here or find a stone along the shore to stand on.

Ice fishing

During the winter period we offer guided ice fishing trips in cooperation with Explore the Arctic.

All fishing have different seasons so contact us for advices or check Explore the Arctic. Tight lines! (Good luck with your fishing 🙂 <*))))))))><

What kind of fish to catch in the area?

Warm and cold ocean currents meet off the North Norwegian coast creating large quantities of microorganisms. Strict regulations over several decades have protected the stocks against over fishing. Coastal cod and spawning cod, coalfish (saithe), halibut, monkfish, Atlantic wolffish, redfish and haddock are the most common fish species.