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Week 28 and 29

I know that it`s very typical for a person living in an area like this, to talk about the weather. I guess that it´s something that plays a big part in everyday life up here.

This time we are a little bit confused though. All because of the changing conditions and cold wind, that made boating and fishing really demanding, to later change and do a complete 180. Right now we have around 20 degrees and calm winds. Sounds nice don´t you think? Well… the fishing, or should i say the fish, has been tricky to get. Some spend the whole day in the boat, and some spend the night as well, and upon their return the boxes look half empty ( half full sometimes 😉 ) and the thing that seems to be the common observation our guests do, is that there is a lot of fish outside, they are all over the place but few are biting. I hope that the fish decides to feed on different things and not just the tiny sand eels and herring.
Some have pretty good days, with a couple of larger fish i the mix. I think the challenging fishing is a result of the rapidly changing temperature and air pressure.
When this stabelizes the fish and the fishing should “go bananas”.

Tight lines!


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