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Week 27

At last the sun has come to show itself, and it brought some warmth as well. By that in mean 20 + degrees. We also have the first reports of anglers catching mackereel, this is often a really good oppurtunity to land a new pb. There is a lot of food for the fish in the sea right now, consisting of sandeels and small herrings at the milions. Something that makes the fish go bananas. We have seen many smiling faces that tell of big coalfish and large cod. The biggest coalfish so far is a 16 kg fish. The halibuts have been biting as well, some anglers have been really lucky and have caught up to 15 of them per day! A note to those of flatfish, the plaice and dab fishing has been quite good so far, but it will soon become even better. With the chances of landing a dab over 900g and plaice over 2.5kg.

Tight lines and all the best!

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