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Week 30

During the last week, the wind, the temperature and the fishing have all been a bit strange. By that i mean more than usual, as the wind went quiet the last time, the summer really made itself notisable.

The temperature was around 20 +, and everybody was enjoying it. The fishing on the other hand was slow when the wind blew, and it seems to have stayed slow until now. This is something that i blame the northerly wind for, and the constantly changing pressure in the air. The anglers that have done well, have tried in deep water, ( more then 100 m ) and i looks like the quality fish have moved out in the deeper parts. Now we really hope that the weeks to come bring less or preferebly no wind. So that everybody are able to reach the bigger fish. If you like to try for flatfish, the best time is coming up.
We have been out looking for plaice and dabs, with mixed result…but alot of big dabs have seen the inside of the boat.

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