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A lot of wind lately

After a fantastic winter until Christmas, we have on this side of the New Year had "a lot of weather", as we say in northern Norway!

In the picture above you see a clip of the weather history that YR.no gives for Hekkingen lighthouse which is 17km further out to the sea. It has been hard gusts!

Unfortunately, the work of art “Fiskehjellen” collapsed after the night’s gust of wind by the airport. Maybe not so strange that the bridge to Kvaløya sometimes was closed yesterday due to wind. The wind was measured to 32 and 35m / s and then it is probably safest that the bridge is closed.

Photo: Marian M Jørgensen

Here in Kattfjord we also noticed the wind and in Nordfjordbotn it even managed to move some containers. It’s fascinating what a force it is in the wind!

Photo: Odd H Olsen