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Freshwater fishing in Sweden

This autumn we had a visit by the well-reputed sportfishing guide Ove Johansson, who runs Charterfiske in Sweden.

Photo: Maria Karlsson

At Lauklines he got to try fjord- and seafishing, which he really liked and resulted in a collaboration to market and recommend each other. We therefore warmly encourage you to try freshwater fishing for salmon, trout, char, etc. at Vänern and Vätteren in southern Sweden. According to Ove himself, there have been very good conditions for salmon in 2019:

“The chance to catch your dream fish on Vänern has probably never been as great as it is now. 2019 will go to history as a real “salmon year” with huge salmon in the top.”

Our fishing-guides Marcus and Tim also visited him in November to test out his product and can confirm that Charter Fishing offers a solid, professional product with a high focus on safety. Contact Ove directly at charterfiske.se if you want to book an experience with him.

Photo: Maria Karlsson

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