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mørketidsløpet 2020

PolarNight Halfmarathon 2020

Join an Arctic running experience in the Polar Night!

“Experience Norway’s largest winter race with approximately 2000 runners from all over the world. The PolarNight Halfmarathon takes place in the middle of the day, but at this time of year the sun never rises above the horizon. In the absence of the sun there will be darkness, occasionally interfered by the amazing display of colours that is so special for this time of year. Indeed, a trip to Tromsø to run the PolarNight Halfmarathon is also a great opportunity to hunt for the Northern lights (Aurora Borealis).”

This is how MSM is marketing the upcoming PolarNight halfmarathon – doesn’t it sound exciting?! Check their webpage for more information.

You can choose a distance after your level and ambitions: Halfmarathon, Mørketidsmila (10K) or SATS Mørketidstrim (5K).



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