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Go treasure hunting using a GPS-enabled device

Are you one of the approximately 4 million people worldwide who have been hooked on the new sport of geocaching?

Here you will see where caches are placed near Lauklines Kystferie ›

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is an international activity. It is similar to Orienteering, but you find your way around using GPS istead of using a map and compass. The easiest way of doing it would be downloading the free geocaching app to your phone and using that to search for either “cacher” or “poster,” which are scattered all over the world. It is free to participate and you can find a database listing all the post internationally on www.geocaching.com.

Simply told

  • You find a post you would like to pursue using the database
  • You download the coordinates to your GPS-enabled device
  • You go hunting for the right spot
  • You find the box located on the post
  • You sign the logbook in the box to show that you have been at the post physically.
  • You close up the box properly and replace the exact spot where you found it
  • When you get home you can add your visit to the log in database to register that you have found the post. You can leave a message for future geocachers with tips and advise about where to find it.


  • Icon Difficulty: Easy
  • Icon Price: Free

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