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Fishing permits for freshwater fishing

Fishing in rivers and lakes in the surrounding area

There are a number of fishing lakes close to Lauklines. For fresh water fishing you’ll need a fishing permit which you buy online.

 Freshwater lakes and river in Nordre Kattfjord area

Name hike from road Species
Synnøvjordvannet 1 h Trout
Hansisadalsvannet 1.5 h Trout
Kråkskardalsvannet 0.5- 1h Trout
Lauvdalsvannet 0.5 h Trout
Storvannet 0.5 h Trout
Tverrfjellvannet 1.5 h Char
Storelva 0 h Salmon, Sea trout, Sea char
Skorelvvannet 1.5 h Trout

Here you have some good advises on freshwater fishing:

When you go fishing in the lakes and rivers on Kvaløya you don´t need to bring all that much gear. It can actually be smart to travel light. The techniques we recommend that you try are spinning, float fishing, fly fishing and ice fishing. You can buy the fishing permit at Inatur.no

What kind of equipment to use:
Spinning, a 6-8 ft rod with casting weights around 5 – 35 grams. A reel loaded with 0,10 – 0,17 mm braided line. A selection of lures such as spinners, casting jigs or spoons and small wobblers. Make sure to bring different colours and sizes. A good tip is to use a fluorocarbon leader in 0,18 – 0,25 mm in diameter.

Float fishing, you can use the same type of rod and reel combo as the one you use for spinning. All you need is a few different types of floats that are easy to cast and that you have no problem seeing on the water. A couple of hooks made for bait fishing and some split shots to make casting a bit easier, and of course some bait. We recommend that you try worms or maggots.

Fly fishing, a rod in AFTM class 4 – 6# with a length of 8 – 9 ft. A floating line and perhaps some sinking tippets if you wish to fish a bit deeper. A box of flies that contains dry files, wet flies, nymphs and streamers. And remember, it is never a bad idea to try a gold ribbed hare´s ear fly.

Ice fishing, few things have done a better job at catching fish than a small mormyshka baited with maggots. A ice fishing rod, an auger or ice drill and warm clothes are really the only things you need. Bringing  something warm to drink is often a very good and appreciated choice.


  • Icon Difficulty: Easy-medium
  • Icon Duration: day permit/week permit
  • Icon Price: From 100 NOK pp
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