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Bird watching

In the area around Lauklines you can spot a wide varietiy of birds, over 100 species.

In the area around Lauklines you can spot a wide varietiy of birds. 100 species have been registered, along with many other animals.

Staying quiet is the key, whether you are fine with watching the more common birds or looking to photograph some of the rare species – bring your binoculars or rent our telescope and follow your eyes and ears! By taking a slow and careful walk in the shoreline, you have a good chance to see some of the more marine birds like the Oystercatcher, Arctic tern and maybe even a circling Sea eagle or two. If you decide to take the walk up in to the woods or up the mountain, you have a fair chance of seeing Ptarmigan, Great tit and several other finches. If you do it in the evening the odds of spotting a Tawny owl are high. In the end of winter, the Snow bunting appears in the area. They are not staying for long as they are on the move further north ( Svalbard ) where they stay over the summer.
If you are careful and patient and have some experience with bird watching, you will be able to successfully approach the right areas. However, if you have no previous experience, feel free to come by the reception, and ask us where to go.

A guided trip?

Midnight sun fjord cruise with Explore the Arctic, can be something to try. During that time of the year the Puffins gather in large numbers along the coast, and a boat trip gets you right in the middle of the action. It also gives you an especially good opportunity to study and become familiar with our local marine birds.


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