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Catch report week 34

This years august can be summarized as wet and quite windy. Ok, not super bad but not really great either. The fishing has been good though.

The best fishing has been around the fjord, mainly because of the big coalfish in the deeper parts of the fjord behind the camp, and the abundance of cod and haddock in the shallow parts. The fish can be a bit tricky to find and to get them to bite. But as soon as they are on the go, the fish really target the lures that are served, bites come fast and furious. Mostly on small perks or on sandeel type shads. ( 100-250 grams ). On the days with wind that allows the boats to venture out of the fjord the fish has been found in different deepths. From water not deeper then 10-15 meters, and down to 120 + meters. Mostly cod out there but also halibut has been caught. And as always, whole baitfish ( small coalfish ) is the best when you are looking to come in contact with the bigger fish. The big coalfish has proven hard to find out there, but they are still around. All the best from us here at Lauklines.

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