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Autumn is here

Sparkling autumn colors, clear and cold air and fresh snow on the mountain tops. At this time of year it is hard to believe that there is a more beautiful place on earth!

Autumn is here and we have had a fantastic weather with sun and calm wind. Guests enjoy beeing on the water and in the water. No, the water is not so inviting that they bathe, but we have a group of divers from Denmark here, who enjoy seeing the wonderful life under the water. We are approaching the final weeks of the fishing season, before the boats are taken on land for winter storage. Halibut fishing has been good throughout the summer, but it is perhaps now that it has been really significant.

Imagine that you have been out in nature all day. Now you are back in the cabin, relaxing in the armchair, looking out the window, seeing the most wonderful northern light. Northern Lights is always an experience, but I think maybe the combination of sunset and Northern Lights is something extra. As if they are fighting for your attention to give you the greatest and most beautiful experience! Let me give you a tip: write “autumn trip in Northern Norway” on your to-do list 🙂

You are heartly welcome!


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