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Week 22 and 23, 2018

Up here in the north we have not been spoiled with the nice and almost too hot weather as it is in the south of Norway, the temperatures actually differing over 30 degrees between north and south!

All kinds of weather

We have had lots of wind, rain and even snow, so it has not been easy to get out on the open sea. But those days when it has been less windy, the fish has proved to be difficult to fool.

Nice wolffish and halibut

The catch has been small, but there are also some nice catches of wolffish and halibut. (even in the fjord) Talking about halibut, it might be appropriate to mention that a new camp record was caught! The fish was 219 cm long and with an exceptionally good condition. The weight was estimated of 150-160 kg before releasing her back to the depths. This was the second fish over two meters this season, and I think we will see a few more before the season ends…

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