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Our guests interested in bird watching are welcome to join a free guided tour arranged by Tromsø University Museum as part of Tromsø International Week 2016.


This tour organised by Jan Höper (birder, science teacher) on the 9th of June constitutes an excellent opportunity to discover the birdlife of the lake Prestvannet (at the top of Tromsø island) and learn fascinating things about ducks, gulls, passerines and other types of shorebirds.

Just before summer, the tiny lake is currently full of life. Many birds are living, nesting and singing in the area. This is probably the perfect time to watch them and explore their little world.

The tour is free and begins at 6 pm. The parking lot of Bymyra Kindergarten, Langnesvegen, is the meeting place.

For more information, please follow the link below:



Of course, do not hesitate either to contact us at Lauklines if you are interested in any other guided tours.

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