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F94A4718The winter is over and the Northern Lights are now gone. We will not see them before late August and the return of darkness.

Our partner Explore the Arctic has completed another beautiful Northern Lights season. 80 successful tours were organised during the period 1/12 – 20/3.

The Aurora activity was really good this year and some nights were particularly incredible. Guests from almost all over the world came in northern Norway to admire this unforgettable natural show.

At Lauklines, we also spent a lot of time watching the Northern Light. We had the chance to admire it on Christmas day, New Year’s day and Valentine’s day.

We are missing it and obviously look forward to their return!

Just for information: The Northern Light phenomenon takes place throughout the whole yea,r but it cannot be observed during daylight. Therefore, due to the presence of the midnight sun and as the sun never sets, the Northern Lights cannot be observed during the bright summer months. They will be back at the end of August and stay until April. We recommend you to choose your vacation period depending on the activities you are interested in (whale watching, dog sledding, reindeer sledding, snowshoeing, etc…)

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