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Hipp, hipp, hurra for 17. mai! 

As is the case every year, Norway’s National Day (called Constitution Day, nicknamed Children’s Day) was celebrated on the 17th of May.


Parades, brass bands, traditional costumes (bunad) and flags were observed everywhere throughout the country.

The National Day of Norway is a big event and Norwegians really like to pay tribute to their country!

They simply wouldn’t miss their nasjonaldag for the world.

While children are allowed to eat as much ice cream as they want, adults usually start their day with a fresh cup of champagne.

Salmon, herring, strawberries and hot dogs (pølse) are also often eaten on the 17th of May.

Norway’s National Day is truly a day for festivities and visiting Norway at this time of the year is probably a great idea.

See you next year?

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