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Berries and mushrooms

Harvest the fruits of the forest

Fruits of the forest! Chantarelle and cloudberries are common here in Kattfjord. Put on your walking boots and take a walk into the fields and forests to gather what nature has to offer. Here are some different suggestions to pick.

Cloudberry Rubusmulte

The ripe fruits are golden-yellow, soft and juicy, and are rich in vitamin C . When eaten fresh, cloudberries have a distinctive tart taste. When over-ripe, they have a creamy texture and flavour somewhat like yogurt. They are often made into jams juices , tarts, and liqueurs. Cloudberries begin to ripen in June-July here in the north, with large isolated white flowers.

Black crowberry Krekebaer_150x200

is a small, evergreen berry-bearing plant in the heather family. It is native to most northern areas of the northern hemisphere, as well as the Falkland Islands in the southern hemisphere. It thrives in marshy areas, in the high mountains and in spruce and pine forests. The fruits are black-blue and edible. In Norway the species is widespread, at altitudes up to 1 800 m above sea level. Black crowberries do not have much flavour in themselves, but are ideal for making into preserves or jellies.

Bilberry Blåbær/Blueberry

is a perennial low-growing shrub in the heather family that bears edible fruits. In the spring the shrubs have green/white to red bowl-shaped flowers. These develop into juicy berries that are often blue-black, black or whiteish blue. The various colours are due to the variations in the wax coating. The fruit inside is violet in colour.


Goldenkantarell chanterelle or girolle, is a fungus. It is probably the best known species of the genus Chantharellus, if not the entire family of Chantharellaceae. It is orange or yellow, meaty and funnel-shaped. On the lower surface, underneath the smooth cap, it has gill-like ridges that run almost all the way down its stipe, which tapers down seamlessly from the cap. It emits a fruity aroma, reminiscent of apricots and a mildly peppery taste (hence its German name, Pfifferling) and is considered an excellent edible mushroom.


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