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While working at Lauklines, I often have the chance to join several winter activities. As I suppose that choosing between a variety of possibilities is not always that easy, I would like to share a few practical observations and hopefully help you plan your next trip up here. Here we go! Aurora Hunting - Leon Fuchs 1

Northern Lights trip, for photographers: As one does not always get the opportunity to experience the incredible beauty of the Aurora Borealis, joining a Northern Lights trip remains an interesting option, especially if you do not have your own car or if you have not planned to stay in northern Norway for several days. The activity is fun, thrilling and exciting. The guide Marcus is a very talented photographer and he will always give his all to please you. Like, always.

Whale watching, for families: Whale watching - Leon Fuchs 2I still cannot believe how close we were. At some point, several humpback whales were simply swimming around us. They seemed very curious. I just felt like they wanted to communicate with us.  What an intense moment. Obviously, participating in this activity is a delight for both young and old. While children will be amazed by the size of the whales, parents will learn a lot about the maritime world. Or the other way around.

 sledding, for adventurers:
Dog sledding is a team work. Dog Sledding - Eric DelcassoRespect the dogs, trust them, protect them, you know. Yes, the activity may be physically demanding, do not simply expect to sit around and do nothing. You will certainly have to run, jump, push, lean forward, avoid a few trees and so on. The trip will definitely suit your appetite for adventure, and don’t worry, you will also have plenty of time to rest and enjoy the scenic landscape in very good company.

Reindeer sledding, for culture lovers: Reindeer sledding - Leon Fuchs 1Joining this tour is highly recommended if you are passionate about culture. In addition to reindeer sledding, you will also have the privilege to see traditional handicraft, clothes, tools, objects and other things. The guide Ken Even has a great sense of humour and his anecdotes usually amaze everyone. Do not hesitate to ask him questions. Last but not the least, the biidos eaten around the fire is simply excellent.

Bonus: Are you willing to do something on your own? I suggest you stay at Lauklines, rent snowshoes, take a nice walk and finish your day in the peace of the sauna.

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