New direct flight

Many German guests visit Norway every year to experience the wonderful nature and culture we have to offer. Direct flights increase the opportunities for the guests and make the trip shorter and more convenient. Last winter, Lufthansa increased the number of trips to two weekly departures from Frankfurt directly to Tromsø, and they will keep […]

PolarNight Halfmarathon

Join an Arctic running experience in the polar night! Experience Norway’s biggest winter race with approximately 2000 runners from all over the world. Run in the blue, Arctic light that is so special for this time of the year, before the sun rises over the horizon. The PolarNight Halfmarathon takes place in the middle of […]

No more currency

Our bank does no longer receive currency. Therefore we are not able to provide this service to our guests. From the 1st of October you’ll not be able to pay by currency at the reception. We accept cards and of course Norwegian banknotes

Weather and catch report

Week 24 In order to keep you updated about the weather, I can tell you that we have the same “cool” temperature and windy days as earlier this month. The summer has not found its way up to Northern Norway yet, but we have almost become used to constant wind and rain. Even the locals […]

A registrated fishing camp

Welcome to your fishing holiday here at Lauklines Kystferie in Northern Norway. We are happy to live in some of the best fishing areas in Norway, and that is something we are proud over and something we will take care of. Some of the coastal fish stocks are under pressure and simple and effective regulations […]

Cozy cabins

Have you ever seen our cabins from inside? We have a lot of photos from the cabins with midnights sun or the view with the cabins and Northern light, but please join us inside!

Equipment for rental

We have angling suits, warm clothes, rods for rental here at Lauklines, just ask in the reception. In additional we have a lot of fishing tackle for you, so your dream of the big special catch can come true! Our fishing guide Tim are delighted to help you finding the equipment you need!

Fabolous ending of the Northern light season

Photo: Explore the Arctic We are looking back on a fantastic Northern Lights season, which already started in late August and lasted until now. The picture is taken 09.04.18 and as you can see, the northern lights are still dancing, even if the bright evenings make it harder to see. Every season in the year […]

New direct flight to Tromsø

From the 20th of December SAS will start a new direct flight from Copenhagen to Tromsø.  Ever Wednesday it will be a direct departure from Tromsø- Copenhagen with return on Saturday. Maybe this will help you travelling the easiest way up to the north and the capital of Northern Norway – Tromsø.

Skiing at Kvaløya

/ Ski Kvaløya – Arctic Norway from Rob Johnson – Filmuphigh on Vimeo. Thanks Alison Culshaw for letting us using Your video. The ski enthusiasts are going crazy after the last to days snowing. 20 cm with powder – no reason being inside anymore!  

Fishing adventure 2017

It is time for a summary of the fishing season 2017 and we can look back to many nice fishing adventures and catches. For a full season summery you can check this link. If we start with the weather, we have had all kind of weather, from light breeze to full storm. About average we […]

Fishing competition

Are you the winner of the best catch of this season? Join our fishing competition and you’ll see! Fishing competition Er det du som har sesongens beste fangst? Bli med i vår fiskekonkurranse så får du se :-)

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