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Recommend to use the local taxi company here for taxi transfers, they use local and experienced drivers. We have agreed a fixed price for some relevant distances, but feel free to contact us for other options if wished. They have cars for 4 ,8 or 16 passengers depending on number of persons in your group.

minibus taxi 9 seter volvo taxi

To Lauklines
1-8 persons Tromsø airport – Lauklines: NOK 1200,-/taxi
9-16 persons Tromsø airport – Lauklines: NOK 2400,-/taxi

1-8 persons  Tromsø city – Lauklines: NOK 1.300,-/taxi
9-16 persons Tromsø city- Lauklines: NOK 2600,-/taxi

From Lauklines

1-8 persons Lauklines – Tromsø airport: NOK 1200,-/taxi
9-16 persons Lauklines – Tromsø airport: NOK 2400,-/taxi

1-8 persons Lauklines – Tromsø city: NOK 1.300,-/taxi
9-16 persons Lauklines – Tromsø city: NOK 2.600,-/taxi

Stops – Transfer includes a short stop (30 min) for shopping on a supermarket if wished.
Pick-up – Pick-up from Tromsø airport or any hotel, museum etc in city.

Recommend to book taxi transfer latest 3 days in advance and possible to amend booked pick-up times for the transfers latest 24 hours within pick-up and  according to availability.

Rental car

Rental car gives you the ultimate freedom to experience the amazing scenery in the area. Whether season of the year it is a good idea to have a rental car during your stay. Lauklines is located 30km from the airport and we have special agreement with Hertz that offers you a 15% discount by booking. You easily pick up the car at the airport and return it there by departure or eventually at another destination.


If you need a short trip to the store this is the car for you. Volkswagen UP –  max 4 persons. Contact the reception to check if it is available.

Max 3 hrs, 80km, 600 NOK