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Sea fishing

Great opportunities for fishing around Lauklines

Lauklines has been associated with fishing for over 100 years. This is because some of the best places for fishing are located in close to us. Kattfjorden is very well sheltered from wind from all directions by the surrounding mountains.

Video: Sea angling with Explore the Arctic/Lauklines

What to fish for and when:

Lauklines is largely famous for its fantastic halibut fishing. This type of fishing has got better and better each year. The best time to fish for halibut is between May and September.

Another big attraction here is the spawning cod, known as “skrei”, the fish that migrates from the Barents Sea during the spring spawning season. At this time there is great chances of catching fish weighing over 20 kg. During the rest of the year there is also excellent cod fishing; however, the catch is coastal cod.

The big coalfish (also known as saithe) arrive in the late summer and you can experience a real “fight” with this strong fish. Smaller coalfish are found all year round and besides being good to eat, they are ideal bait for halibut and bigger cod.

Wolf fish (sea catfish) are best from the end of May – July. Haddock fishing is also usually best during the summer. Redfish, tusk, common ling and european plaice are also common catches.

Rental boats on your own

We offer rental boats if you wish to go out fishing on your own.

Guided sea fishing trips with charterboat

Explore the Arctic offers fishing guides, fishing courses, filleting courses and fishing trips from charter boats to our guests. You will then be able to go further out to sea and increase the chance of catching that really big fish. The fishing guides know the area, the tides and currents and the winds and can teach you more about the location, techniques and the various species.

Minimun fish size and limits on total catches

We work to maintain sustainable fishing and as a guest you are obliged to follow the mandatory regulations concerning minimum fish sizes and catch quotas (maximum 20 kg filleted fish).

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  • Icon Difficulty: Easy-medium
  • Icon Price: Depends on what type of fishing you prefer.

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