Fishing week 27 – 28:
Now the really big coalfish has started to come into the fjords

and also the baitfish that they are hunting on. The fishing has been really good the last two  weeks, but the best fishing has been on the evening and nights. It is remarkable that it  is still the halibut fishing which for some reason excels.The small torpedos are also arrived and then we are talking about the makrell. So it is a lot of activity in the water and that’s really funny to see, after some hard weeks of fishing. The water temperature is now around 10 to 13 + degrees. That’s a good temperature for the baitfish to go up on more shallow spots, and even better for the big predators that are circling around the tops waiting for smaller fish to do something wrong and then strike it.

Week 24-25, and the fishing looks very much like it did last week. Water temperatures around 8-11 degrees Celsius. It has been a couple of days with winds from the

north, cooling the water down. (mer…)

We just passed week 23 and we can announce that summer finally reached Northern Norway and Kvaløya. Both guides and anglers report a varied fishing last week.

The fish now begins to move towards shallower water, but we still find the best fishing at depths between 30-60m. The best catches so far is halibut, where we had a lot of fishes of 5-10kg. The biggest so far this season is a 31kg halibut and summer cod of approx 17kg. The fishing is definitely going on and it is really remarkable that the water temperature now has risen from 4-11 degrees in only a few days.

Lauklines Kystferie