Trail and summit hiking

There is nothing quite like the combination of arctic fjords and the majestic peaks when it comes to enjoying the spectacular scenery of Norway. It is this combination that makes a hikers experience here at Lauklines complete.

Around Lauklines, there are lots of hiking opportunities for every level of ability and ambition. You can experience a gentle stroll along valleys with babbling brooks and small waterfalls in lush birch forests. Spend a quiet moment away from everything at a small tarn or lake.

Any type of challenge you prefer

The islands and skerries between the fjord and the open ocean offer varied opportunities for hiking, in summer or winter. Or, if you are feeling adventurous, you can try the challenge of a peak trip and a walk along the steep ridges with a wide open view in all directions.

Take your time

In the summer you can take all the time you need, with daylight 24 hours a day, and in good weather you can take in the subtle changes in colour of the landscape as the sun turns above the horizon for hours before rising to shine on another day.

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