Fishing permits for freshwater fishing

There are a number of fishing lakes close to Lauklines. For fresh water fishing you’ll need a fishing permit which you buy at this website

 Freshwater lakes in the Kattfjord area

Name hike from road Species
Synnøvjordvannet 1 h Trout
Hansisadalsvannet 1.5 h Trout
Kråkskardalsvannet 0.5- 1h Trout
Lauvdalsvannet 0.5 h Trout
Storvannet 0.5 h Trout
Tverrfjellvannet 1.5 h Char
Storelva 0 h Salmon, Sea trout, Sea char
Skorelvvannet 1.5 h Trout

Good fishing advice?

For good advice on fishing, gear and guiding to the nearby lakes, we recommend that you contact Explore the Arctic also located here at Lauklines.

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