Fishing competition

Are you the winner of the best catch of this season? Join our fishing competition and you’ll see! Fishing competition Er det du som har sesongens beste fangst? Bli med i vår fiskekonkurranse så får du se :-)

Drone film

Isn’t this film worth an award? Thanks Wayne Croomer for fantasic drone filming!

The Arctic Summer

We are still waiting for spring to take over after winter. The temperature is around 5 degrees, and we still have a lot of snow in the mountains. Living in the Arctic nature offers both joy and challenges. This video made by Christian Uhlig says something about the Arctic summer, and in a fantastic way […]

Clear weather and a lot of…

Northern lights!!! All photos: Explore the Arctic

Unexpected guests…

Dear fishing-guests!  We sadly have to tell you that we have had unwanted guests visiting our camp. Their main interest were definitely not the whales nor the northern lights, but rather the engines for our rental boats. They have stolen several outboard engines and it’s really sad to realize that even here at this peaceful part […]

The photo of the summer!

The winner of the summer photo contest is the Instagram user han_daa for this photo. He will receive a secret Arctic bag filled with memories from the Arctic. The motivation of the jury is: This image and its caption „A hike to Bærmarhaugen. 150 steep meters above sea level 😄 #lauklines“ shows us something of the […]

Satisfied feedback

The Whale adventure is really started and we are happy with our guests who are overwhelmed by the experience. So close to these amazing mammals – is it possible to get closer to the fascinating marine life? We are very grateful for the feedback and see that the new boat to Explore the Arctic matches […]

Now they are back!

Local newspapers, marine researchers           Foto: Ronald Johansen/iTromsø  and TV-team tell us the same: The whales are back! Currently it is seen many orcas and some humpback whales, but because of the large amount of herring, we estimate that more whales are just around the corner. Please see the links below for more […]


It’s always nice to get visits from journalists, photographers and bloggers, who appreciate the wonderful scenery here in the area. Fjords, mountains, weather, wind, midnight sun, polar night, northern lights and storm – Arctic Norway has really much to offer! Maybe it’s extra instructive for us who live here to see and experience our country […]

Fishing summary 2016

Check this summary from Explore the Arctic about the fishing season 2016!          

Arrival of autumn

As with every year when days are becoming shorter and temperatures cooler, the first days of September are marked by the arrival of autumn. The Northern Lights have returned, the surrounding mountains have turned yellow and the first snowflakes have been sighted. Fall is back and it is a great time to go explore the region by […]

Wonderful summer memories

Although we have had a few sunny days in July, warm summer temperatures has been long in coming this year in Northern Norway. Fortunately, the weather started to improve in mid August and we finally had the opportunity to spend some quality time outside. In addition to fishing in the sea, hiking in the mountains, sightseeing in […]

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